Another term for Pres. Obama?

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Silly toilet papers

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Who does Grim Reaper/Death work for?

I’ve always wondered who Grim Reaper also known as death works for, is it God or the Devil? He always comes when it’s your time to go, so where does he take you exactly, heaven or hell? It’s seems to me that devil most likely hired him, but that doesn’t explain the fact the he comes to take everyone both good and bad. Why would God hire a skeleton dressed in a robe carrying around a scythe? That’s not who I would expect to come from heaven to come take me after I die. I would be expecting an angel or even God himself if he is on a day off. I would go as far as to request that grim reaper as Brad Pitt, who portraits death in the movie “Meet Joe Black“. If I work the gates at heaven, I certainly would not allow the Grim Reaper to come through. I would closely relate the Grim Reaper to the devil; they seem to have a lot in common. Both of them have a scary appearance, people fear them and want nothing to do with them. Another consideration is that he could be working for both; he could be in a joint agreement to do God and the devil’s work. If that’s the case, then he should have two outfits; show up in a white robe ¬†and no scythe for those people who are going to heaven. For those who are going to hell, he should where his black robe and carry his scythe. I guess I wont know who he really works for till it’s my time to meet him and ask him myself.

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Hello world!

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